Credit Card VISA Classic My Way

With Credit Card "VISA Classic" - Don’t limit your purchases!

Tirana Bank offers the latest service: VISA Classic "My Way" – Credit Card Monthly Installments payment for every purchase worldwide and online.

Now you will not limit your purchases, since Tirana Bank offers the most flexible and convenient way to serve you anywhere and anytime.

Monthly Installment Service is a new service which is available for every purchase made with Credit Card Visa Classic on POS terminals in country and abroad or online.

Activate "My Way" - Just with a Call!

You can choose to pay in Monthly Installments once you make a purchase transaction.
Activate this service via call center, in one of the contact numbers of the bank.
Immediately the purchase transaction amount will be split automatically in monthly installments depending in the amount ranges as per the table below:

Number of monthly Installments                   Transaction amount

3 Months                                                      6,000 – 18,000 ALL

6 Months                                                     18,001 – 36,000 ALL

9 Months                                                     36,001 – 60,000 ALL

12 Months                                                    60,001 – 500,000 ALL

Monthly Installment Service can be activated simply and quickly!

Make a POS purchase and get a signed copy of the purchase receipt.
Call the bank and confirm the purchase transaction data that you want to split in installments.
Every month, in the Monthly Account, will be posted one of the installments of your purchase transaction.
Remaining installments amount stays on "waiting" of the credit limit and is deducted each month until the last installment of transaction is posted on the Monthly Account.
You can still choose:

To pay the full installment amount, with 0 interest rate.
To pay only the Minimum Payment of the Monthly Account 7%.
For further information, please visit one of Tirana Bank branches or call 0800 68 68 (through fix line) or 04-2277700 (if calling from mobile or abroad), 24/7; or you can send an email to the address: [email protected]

Monthly Installment Service is offered with a 3.5% fee over the purchase amount, which is added to each monthly installment and is paid on monthly basis.

Interest will be applied only over the installment of the current month, if you choose to pay only the Minimum Payment of the Monthly Account.